These babies are 5 1/2 weeks old and will be going to loving homes the end of this month. There are still a few available.Our 2018 litter 7/29/18

willow had 9 pups, 6 girls and 4 boys.

She is a wonderful mom and very attentative.

8/5/18 1 week old today and spend most of the time sleeping. 

2 weeks old and starting to open eyes.

this little guy was the first to open his eyes and see the world.

3 weeks old today and on their way to their first visit with the vet. Dr. Says they are all doing great and growing.

just gotta love puppy piles❤

8/26/18. The puppies are 4 weeks old today, they are becoming very curious and have lots to discover.royal blue girl discovered the crate isn't such a bad thing after all for little naps.

a lap full of Goldens can always put a smile on your face❤


(9/12/17)Our two new additions to the Golden Willows family, Cypress (Chuey) & Juniper (June). 

(8/5/17)All the puppies have gone to their new homes. Lots of fun and memories to be made. 

(7/24/17)The puppies were able to explore a little outside today in a safe area of the yard. They were very curious and loved the grass. 

(7/18/17) weeks old and loving everything, playing well with each other and growing so fast.Everyone is ready to eat, especially our little white collar😁.

(7/8/17)Mom is weaning the pups and teaching them how to eat more solid food. She is such a good mom.They really enjoy playtime

(7/1/17)Starting the slow progression of weaning to puppy food over the next few weeks. They started feeding from my finger tip for about a week and now are more steady on their feet and able to eat from the pan, which mom has no problem with because she gets to do the clean up afterwards.😁

(7/5/17)They are now 4 weeks old and exploring their new play area, they are enjoying playing with each other now and discovering new things. 

(7/11/17Our first trip to the vet. Dr. Barr says they are doing wonderful. They did great and were ready for naptime when we finished. 

(6/24/17)Puppies are now 19 days old and starting to walk and explore now that their eyes are open. 

(6/16/17)puppies are now 11 days old and spend much of their time sleeping

(6/9/17) puppies at 4 days old